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Are you a creative genius, and want the world to know it ?  Just look below for ideas and after you found your topic submit your work by the form.

Like to draw ? Well than this is the place for You ! Just submit your drawings,
paintings or anything !  Just fill out the  form at the bottom of this page !

Did you write a happinin' song that your very proud of? Just send me the lyrics and
a midi if you can !  Fill out the form below !

Write a book, bedtime story or short story ?submit it for the page by the form at the bottome.

Like to write poetry? Here's the place for you submit up to ten of your best work for display. Use the form below !

You will be credited for you work with your name and a link to your webpage and/or email address. You will also hold copyright  to all your work !!!!!!!!!!

Your full name:

Your email address:

Homepage adress:

Enter your work :

What is your works subject ?:

If your work is an image or midi send them to in the attatchment or send me a web adddress to pick it up at.