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                                                                     Greg                             Dharma

I'm a big fan of Dharma & Greg  one of ABC's latest shows. Read on below to learn more about the hot new show.

                                          Stinky's {aka Chewy} and his dog Nunzio( Bud} at the wedding.

Love at First Site
Dharma Finkelstein:  a free spirit raisedby 'hippie parents', who was taught to shun convention, trust her instinctsand truly find the joy in  every day of her life.
Her Jobs: dog walker and yoga instructor

Greg: a complicated, convoluted and straight-laced. He's descendant of a
long line of blue bloods who are unamused by by Dharma's free spirit/
His Jobs:Harvard-educated U.S. Attorney .

       Cool Fact: by the end of their first date- they were married (eloped).


DHARMA: Look, up in the sky, it's a puffy cloud. It's a giant seagull. No, it's super bride. Whoa!

GREG: What are you doing?

DHARMA: Wait a second. Can you see me?

GREG: Yes.

DHARMA: Oh, I totally misunderstood that whole groom can't see the bride
in her wedding dress thing.


To See Dharma & Greg Live:
 Complimentary tickets to a taping can be obtained by calling   Paramount Guest Relations at 213-956-4848. You can make reservations up to five days

Where can I write to the cast?
Send your letters to:
                                         "Dharma & Greg"
                                         20th Century Fox
                                       10201 W. Pico Blvd.
                                     Los Angeles, CA 90035