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On this page i will list all updates.

September 19th -- finished Reviews page; took down original index page; moved banner exchanges to 'page' section.

September 18th -- Finished Third Eye Blind

September 17th -- Started a "REVIEWS" Page; fixed more broken images and links, and a NEW LAYOUT !!!!

September 16th -- still working on "Third Eye Blind" Page

September 15th -- working on "Third Eye Blind" Page

September 14th -- Started a "Third Eye Blind" Page

September 13th -- added cute guys to "me" section

September 12th -- added more links.

September 11th -- housekeeping

September 10th -- housekeeping, fixed broken links

September 8th-9th -- computer died, be back soon

September 7th -- no updates

September 6th -- Updated the My Family page

September 5th -- New midi on main page

September 4th -- Still working on Ryan Phillippie

September 3rd -- Ryan Pillipie page started

September 2nd -- Ethan Hawke page up

September 1st -- TITANIC-athon Do Not Disturb.

August 31st -- housekeeping.

August 30th -- Grease.

August 29th -- housekeeping.

August 28th -- added more surveys

August 27th -- Yawn, housekeeping.

August 26th -- Fixed more broken links

August 25th -- Added more cartoons ! and entertainment topics

August 24th -- Fixed voting URL

August 23rd -- Added and art section, fixed broken links, working on a DHARMA & GREG page, adding a shopping page

August 22th -- Join My Cliques !

August 21st -- Teen World and new chats!!!!!

August 20th -- get your penpals in cool stuff !!!!!

August 19th -- Gone Shopping !!!!!

August 18th -- Added Spirit Page!!!!!

August 17th -- added vote for me banners !!!!!

August 16th -- NEW layout !!!!!

August 15th -- Added more stuff to main.html and updated 'services'

August 14th -- Gone Shopping

August 13th -- Added and announcement on main page

August 12th -- Updated 'Family page'.

August 11th -- Added banner exchanges to index.html

August 10th -- took down banner exchang page.

August 9th -- Put more banners on the links page.

August 8th -- Put new index page.

August 7th -- Updated Links

August 6th -- Tonya Creations Grand opennings

August 5th -- Updated Matchbox 20 page

August 4th -- Added another webring

August 3rd -- Added Important causes, still moving MB20

August 2nd -- Updated LeoLvrs, and added "I'll be there 4 U"

August 1st -- Moving MB20 page... and update Mayfield12

July 31st -- Finished 'My family and pets' page.

July 30th -- Moving MB20 page to better server.

July 29th -- Gone Shoping Be back 2morrow.

July 28th -- Join 'Site Fights'.

July 27th -- redid Misc. stuff, put up club graphics.

July 24th-26th -- page ratings, animal right, pages created

July 23rd -- Backstreet Boys and Matchbox 20 pages created.

July 22th -- Tigger, Pooh and my family pages created.

July 21th -- Elmo and misc page was made.

July 12th-20th -- Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & Titanic pages created.

July 2nd-11th -- Basic construction & Armageddon.

July 1st -- Page created.

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