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Tonya Creations

Thank you for your interest in my work. I assume your here because you want a webpage so here you go. In my work i will make the basic scheme with the colors, images, midi's ect of your choice but i will put guidelines for you to insert your own text. Please Note: My service is to help People who have no clue how to make a page. Not for people who want a 'professional' to design their webpage better. As a payment from you to me I will put my button(s) or a text link on each page. The buttons i put will match your webpage though. Thats's all ! Still think you qualify ?

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Please be a descriptive as possible if you can give me a page that you would like your page to look like.

an image similar to your page will be put on any pages i make

Minnie's CS These beautiful graphics were made by Minnie. I Love them be sure to stop by her page for some more great graphics. © Tonya