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Teen World ~The beginings~

You may be wondering why in the heck i've asked ou to vote for the Hottest celebrities in the world well the answer is simple. I am working on a New teen zine and site call Teen World and one of the features will be The 50 Hottest celebrities in the World chossen by YOU the viewers of this page !!! So get to voting vote for as many or as little celebrities as you want remember they can be TV or movie stars, band musicians, sport stars ANYTHING just vote BELOW !!!!

The Celeb

Where can i get info on them[URL]

Also I would like to say if you would like to write or help me run Teen World email

NOTE: the image to the right will change weekly according to the top celebrity at the time.

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Television Stars

Teen World Voting Booth

The Vote Count

Leonardo Dicaprio [22]
Matt Damon [16]
Ryan Phillippe [15]
James Marsden [15]
David Boreanaz [14]
Ethan Hawke [14]
Katie Homes [14]
James Van Der Beek [13]
Jonathan Taylor Thomas [13]
Matchbox 20 [13]
Sarah M Geller [13]
Third Eye Blind [13]
Will Smith [13]
Scott Wolf [2]
Ben Affleck [12]
Jennifer Love Hewitt [10]
N'sync [10]
Mariah Carey [8]
Usher [8]
Feddie Prinze Jr. [8]
Backstreet Boys [8]
Kate Winslet [8]
Bush [6]
David Duchovny [5]
Bryan White [5]
Matthew Lillard [4]
Ewan McGregor [3]
Joshua Jackson [2]
Jakob Dylan [1]
Prince William [1]
Madonna [1]
Puff Daddy [1]
Suger Ray [1]
Liv Tyler [1]
Hanson [1]
Tom Evertt Scott [1]
Jason London [1]
Julia Roberts [1]
Spice Girls [1]
Claire Danes [1]
Jeff Gordon [1]

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